use domain name extensions effectivelyDomain name extensions can help viewers identify your blog or website category, region or relevance.  Consider using the right extension to augment your domain name, help brand your organization, maximize SEO and get deeper into the minds of potential customers.  You can click on the image at left or read more about domain name extenions


Get Web Visible

Web advertising is critical not only to complement your company’s standard media and print marketing, but enhance it with the wide audience that online advertising tirelessly reaches, 365, 24/7.use online advertising Companies must define their product or service online with relevant information, enriching interaction, and enhanced communication to use the best of the ever-changing Internet. Web advertising can utilize new mobile and tablet technologies to penetrate new targeted viewers to maximize interest and bring more valid leads, as well as increasing overall brand visibility.
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Use the best web logoYour online brand recognition must happen literally in an instant. That’s the first instant of emotion the viewer experiences when they take first glance at your web logo. It must represent your company graphically, and you cannot invest too much time, effort or money to come up with a web logo with the exact visual associations you need.  It’s a juggling act between text,  graphic, color, concept, resolution, context, and more.  It’s been proven that a well-thought out and carefully designed web logo can entice a viewer to click and engage with the website or blog in a desire to learn more, as you can by either clicking on the web logo at left or here, on why web logos are important

Ready For Now?

new internet meets old businessThere’ll be a time soon when mobile devices, cellphones, iPads, etc. will use new cloud-based apps to do everything from turn-by-turn navigation, voice-actuated texting, networked CRM, and much, much more. Bandwidth and connectivity are moving towards the same kind of utility as energy: increasingly less costly, more widely available and (pardon the pun) fueling innovation, business and relationship online.

Businesses seeking to stay abreast of this shift, as well as embrace and employ it, must either incorporate it in-house with employees who are engaging with this technology, or use the services of outside consultants fluent in it and able to help integrate these systems into the workplace.

Cloudy Thinking

Google’ s EverReady bunny development team-computing’s future? you decide:

Tell Your Story

There’s a story behind your product or service. Tell it.

Once, I worked as a Termite Inspector (no, I didn’t inspect termites, just houses) and the owner of the company had worked in that industry for someone else for several years before striking out on his own. Besides the usual reasons for doing so, like “self-determination” and more opportunity, he’d told me how mercenary and self-serving his former employer was towards customers. He didn’t speak fondly of those days in the trenches spent learning the trade.

So when starting his own business, he vowed to put his customers first. His business philosophy didn’t come from sales training or a graduate school MBA program, but from putting boots on the ground.
His advertisements say “full refund if not 100% satisfied” and he tells his customers the story how and why he came to value them. They can relate and so give him their business.

Social networking pundits say there’s a conversation taking place now, between businesses and customers in Twitter and Facebook and blogs and media. So what’s your story?

Hubspot, in their State of Inbound Marketing Report polled online businesses to reveal the new social media landscape:

Social media helps online business